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Tips for working out at home

Tips for working out at home

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on April 30, 2022

You can’t always get to the gym and do a quality workout. Maybe you’re too busy at work, can’t find the fitting fitness room,  or don’t like training in the presence of others. This should not stop you from getting the fitness you dream of. Let’s look at the best exercises with your weight that you can do from the comfort of your own home. The sexy escort girls from our Escort Agency also use these exercises!

What accessories can make your workout easier at home

Before planning your workouts, don’t forget about the right accessories. Practical fitness accessories suitable for performing workouts at home help you to build muscle or burn fat. They guarantee the comfort you need and take your training to the next level. What are the accessories that our escort girls use?

Fitness mattress

The immediate help for each exercise is the fitness mattress. Not only will exercise be much more comfortable, but it can also help prevent injuries and bruises. It is equipped with a non-slip surface and is ideal for yoga, stretching, or dynamic jumping exercises. With the help of the mattress, you can improve your stability during your body shaping workouts. Moreover, if you decide to include plank exercise in your workouts, your hands will enjoy the soft surface of the mattress.

Exercise roll

Foam roller exercises bring many benefits to your body. In addition to massaging the stiff muscles, it also helps relieve pain. In addition, it can be used to develop the muscles of the back buttocks or perform exercises such as planking or kneeling. Imagination has no limits, and you will find the usefulness of exercise rolls.

Fitness ball

Fitness ball exercises are mainly associated with spinal training or yoga exercises. However, its use is much broader, and with it, you can train your whole body. You can easily do strength and cardio workouts. You can also use it for planking, abs, push-ups, or even HIIT workouts. It also helps you to improve your stability, balance, and posture. But how do you choose the right fitness ball? Sit on it, and if your feet touch the ground and are at a right angle, then the ball is correct.

Elastic bands and extensors

Extenders and elastic bands are trendy accessories and are used in many exercises. Thanks to them, each exercise can have a higher degree of difficulty and lead to better results. The strength of the material gives their functionality. The stronger the resistance, the more demanding the exercise. Higher-strength elastic bands strengthen the pectoral, gluteal, abdominal muscles and the leg and back muscles. You can easily exercise with them and strengthen your whole body muscles.

Jumping rope

Do you like cardio but can’t run or use cardio at the gym? You can sweat well in the comfort of your own home. A practical accessory is the regular skipping rope. Exercises performed with the help of the jump rope positively affect the cardiovascular system, improve physical condition, and strengthen the muscular system. In addition, you can choose a digital string that counts the jumps and even the heart rate. With a skipping rope, you can enjoy a playful form of cardio workouts even in front of the TV.

Fitness wheel

For the definition of the body, strengthening the muscles, and developing the physical condition, the fitness wheel can also help you effectively. The wheel involves all muscle parts, from the back to the legs. It is mainly used for the abdominal muscles. Try to get on your knees, grasp the wheel firmly, stretch your body, and slowly begin to move forward to get as close to the ground as possible. It is essential to keep your body tense.

If you have managed to stretch with the wheel, your role is to pull your chest back towards your feet. As with many other exercises, stretching and retraction are done with the help of the abdominal muscles, not with your back or hands. If you use the wheel to exercise other muscle parts, use those parts you want to train to perform stretches and retractions.

Abdominal exercises

Getting the coveted six-pack can sometimes be challenging. It requires a lot of discipline and mental endurance. But with a proper diet and regular and practical abdominal exercises, you will undoubtedly be able to reduce fatty tissue from the comfort of your own home. What are the best abdominal exercises?


Planking is one of the most effective exercises; it is done with your weight and does not require much time. The idea of ​​this exercise is to keep your body tense for as long as possible. You will use your abdominal muscles to achieve this goal. If you do this exercise correctly, exercise your abdomen and back muscles, biceps, triceps, or buttocks. You can try its variations for an even better effect, such as side plank or side plank.

Correct execution:

  • Place your forearms on the mattress with your elbows aligned under your shoulders.
  • Move away from the mattress so that your entire body weight rests on your toes and elbows or palms.
  • Try to keep your body stretched in this position for as long as possible.


Another exercise for the abdomen does not require much time but is very effective. It is essential to follow a proper execution technique because if you do not do it correctly, you will involve the spine instead of working your abdominal muscles. In the case of the bare abdomen, the central abdominal muscles are used. There are, however, various other variations of this exercise, such as side abs or leg-stretching abs. You can also try your abs on the fitness ball, which will make it easier to perform this exercise correctly. Finally, all types of abs have the same goal, to get a  firm and well-defined abdomen.

Correct execution:

  • Lie on the mattress with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.
  • Put your hands on the back of your neck and push the bottom of the pelvis down while lifting the top slightly forward.
  • Keep your abdomen tense while doing this exercise.

Russian twist

Another ideal abdominal exercise is the Russian twist. Compared to the abdomen, this exercise involves more the oblique abdominal muscles, which take care of the rotation of the torso. Regular rotation of the center of the body can also help improve posture. For a more effective workout, you can also use weights in the form of dumbbells, kettlebells, or water bottles.

Correct execution:

Sit on the mattress, bend your legs and keep your hands straight in front. Keep your back at a 45 ° angle to the floor and begin to slowly rotate your torso first to one side and then to the other. If you lift your feet slightly off the ground, the exercise will be much more intense.

Lifts in V

This exercise involves regular lifting of the legs and torso to tighten the abdominal muscles as much as possible. In addition, thanks to this exercise, you can strengthen the balance and coordination of the body. To get the best effect, you need to do fewer repetitions but more intensity.

Correct execution:

  • Lie on your back.
  • With one motion, lift your legs and torso into the air, trying to reach for your toes.
  • Stay in this position for a while, and lower your torso and feet to the ground.

Alpinist (Mountain climbers)

Mountain climbers are an intense exercise that effectively strengthens almost every muscle part of the body – the deltoid muscles, biceps, triceps, chest, oblique abdominal muscles, hamstrings, or hip muscles. This exercise is often part of the abdominal workouts, as it requires tightening the abdominal muscles. You can do this exercise anywhere, but you should use a fitness mat to prevent your feet or hands from slipping.

Correct execution:

  • Sit in the plank position, but lean on your outstretched hands.
  • Bend your right leg, pull it to your left elbow, and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same movement with the left foot, pulling it towards the right elbow.
  • Repeat the exercise at a brisk pace.

Exercises for the buttocks and thighs

Kneeling – jumping sumo

No squat, no booty. Knee bends are the most basic exercise for shaping the back. Due to the different execution options, you can strengthen both the gluteal and thigh muscles. Knee flexion is very effective for back-formation; knee flexion with wide legs or sumo knee flexion is adequate for shaping the muscles behind the thighs. If you decide to include any knee bends in your workout plan, you will strengthen your muscles and get great results. You can also increase the difficulty of your knees by using elastic bands or weights.

Correct execution:

The execution of the knee bend depends on its type. However, a few principles remain valid: keep your back straight at all times; the legs should be directed forward, not sideways; do not change the position of the knees when you rise from the kneeling position.

Climbing the platform

For this exercise, you will need an accessory in the form of a box or steps. The basis is the alternative climb on a higher platform, in which you involve the thigh muscles. If you decide to make this exercise more challenging, try using a higher platform or following the intensity of this exercise and try to do your best. This exercise is also ideal as part of HIIT training.

Correct execution:

Prepare a platform where you step with one foot and stand up. Then get off it and repeat the climb with the other foot.

The bridge

Depending on which version of the bridge you choose, work your gluteal muscles. This exercise aims to raise the pelvis to a 90 ° angle and then tighten the gluteal muscles. If you have your legs apart and firmly fixed to the ground during the exercise, work your back. If you bring your legs close to your thighs while lifting, exercise your back and the muscles behind your thighs. When you have your legs apart and sit on your toes, exercise especially the front muscles of the thigh.

Correct execution:

Lie on your back on the mattress, bend your legs and raise your pelvis as high as possible while tightening your gluteal muscles in this position. Sit in the highest position for at least 2 seconds.


Abduction is an exercise that removes and pulls the legs from the kneeling position, thus strengthening the inner and outer muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Most of this exercise is done on a machine, but there is also a variant for home. You can also use elastic bands to increase the difficulty of this exercise.

Correct execution:

  • Do a wide knee bend and stay in that position.
  • Start moving away and pulling your knees back.
  • For the best possible effect, try to stay in this position for as long as possible.
  • I am raising the leg in the back.

One of the basic exercises for the back is to lift the leg back. But this straightforward exercise can cause muscle cramps, so the body must be relaxed before this exercise.

Correct Execution:

  • Before performing this exercise, do some stretching.
  • Kneel, place your hands in front of the mattress and lift your leg.
  • When you lift your leg, tighten your gluteal muscles.

Side bends

There is also a classic variant of squats when you step forward or backward with one foot. This exercise involves the gluteal muscles but also the thigh muscles. But, in the lateral flexions, you involve the buttocks muscles much more. You can also use elastic bands to make this exercise more challenging.

Correct execution:

Sit in the kneeling position with your legs apart, which will be the starting position. Then with one footstep to the side and pull the other leg after. Keep your back straight and repeat the same movement with the other leg. It would help if you kept your distance as in the starting position.

Wall site

This is the ideal leg exercise you can do anywhere. All you need is a wall to do this. The idea of ​​the exercise is to stay in the sitting for as long as possible. You can put weights on your thighs like kettlebells or water bottles for better effect.

Correct execution:

  • Stand with your back against the wall so that you touch it with your head, back, back and legs.
  • Start to lower yourself so that your back is close to the wall, but detach your legs from the wall and push them forward.
  • Stop only when you reach a position that simulates sitting on an imaginary chair at a 90 ° angle.
  • Try to stay in this position for as long as possible.

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