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[:en]Short guide for a healthy sexual life[:]

[:en]Sex has been, is, and will remain an essential element in everyone’s life, being found in books, music, magazines, movies, series, and the DNA, mind, and imagination of each person; without it, there can be no life. Sex, when it is a consensual act, conceived beforehand and performed in compliance with all the norms of […]

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[:en]About feminism and sexism [:]

[:en]For a long time, women were discriminated against from a human and social point of view. Thus, feminism was born, which emerged as a revolt against the inferiority that characterized the perception of women in a patriarchal society. The first structures of feminist doctrine appeared in the wake of the French Revolution (May 5, 1789-November […]

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[:en]16 things to see in Essen[:]

[:en]In the Ruhr Valley, Essen is a name that used to be a synonym for German industry and the Krupp family, now ThyssenKrupp. But if you show up expecting a post-industrial cityscape, you might be in shock. The tertiary sector has left Essen with modern towers and parks, while an industrial facility with UNESCO status […]

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[:en]How to behave well with an escort girl[:]

[:en] The twenty-three rules to follow Here are some rules you should follow to make escort girls professional life more manageable. 1- Before contacting an escort girl, do your research. These people often have a website that contains a lot of information on prices, services, and what can be expected from the overall experience. Browse […]

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