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Tips for working out at home

You can’t always get to the gym and do a quality workout. Maybe you’re too busy at work, can’t find the fitting fitness room,  or don’t like training in the presence of others. This should not stop you from getting the fitness you dream of. Let’s look at the best exercises with your weight that […]

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Tips for dating a shemale from our escort

Dating a shemale is a tough world to navigate You cannot predict what will happen because you cannot predict a person’s thoughts, decisions and actions. If you think this is hard for you, wait until you hear the experiences and insights of shemales. Has society evolved in terms of LGBT+ rights? Yes. However, there is […]

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The best Dusseldorf tips from our escort girls

[:en]Beautiful places are often right on our doorstep. In our trip series, we would like to introduce you to these many unique places in Germany. So we’re interviewing real insiders and asking everyone the same 22 questions. The longest bar in the world, pedestrian traffic lights with yellow phases and lots of crooked buildings – […]

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[:en]11 Motivation tips from escort girls[:]

[:en]Want to start training at home, but does something hold you back? Maybe you lack motivation! Discover the 11 tips that will motivate you to exercise at home and you will also find out what are the factors that influence you and what hinders your progress. Our escort girls also follow this steps when lacking […]

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[:en]What are liquid calories?[:]

[:en]Most of the time, our escort girls don’t even realize their favorite drink. We no longer consider that it is difficult for them to remember what they consume in a day. Then they blame a slow metabolism or poor genetics for the inability to lose weight. But things are not so complicated. You have to […]

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[:en]Tips on how to fall asleep quickly[:]

[:en]The alarm is set for 6 a.m., so go to bed before 10 o’clock, and you want to give your body an eight-hour sleep. However, a few hours later, the alarm goes off, and you open your eyes, tired and frustrated. But disappointment comes when midnight comes, and you look at the ceiling. Eventually, you […]

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[:en]Make a plan for home workouts[:]

[:en]Making a training plan is a complex and often difficult task, each of our fit escort girls has specific requirements and different fitness goals. You can also turn to professional fitness trainers for advice on developing a plan, but you should also consider that you can make a plan yourself. You should make sure that […]

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